Dr. Schoen’s workshops offer a more powerful, enduring, and intimate learning environments than keynotes since they are interactive, experiential, and can be better sculpted to the individual or group.  This makes it possible for the participants to experience changes and shifts that will be immediately generalizable and applicable in their work and personal lives.  Expect engaging, interactive, pragmatic exercises specially designed to boost performance in your athletes and employees.

"Dr. Schoen puts his attention to the discomfort, disappointment, worry and impatience that influence the quality of our lives profoundly but about which science and medicine are so often silent. He does a brilliant job of connecting brain research and our every day coping strategies. His techniques will provide you with understanding and effective tools for  mobilizing the mind/body connection for stress management.”


Sara Latz, JD, MD, UCLA Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior



Boosting Athletic Performance Under Pressure and Competition

Retraining the Mind and Body to Embrace Health vs. Illness

Boosting Decision Making Under Pressure

Coaching to WIN BIG by Retraining the Brain

The Let Down Effect–How to Remain Healthy After Periods of Stress and Avoid Becoming Ill on Weekends, vacations and holidays

Transforming Fear (The Survival Instinct and Negativity Into Safety and Power)

Improving Sleep by Retraining the Brain’s Sleep Center

Embracing Uncertainty and Change, and opening the door for Innovation.

Boosting Test Performance on Standardized Exams

Improving the Results of Your Sales Force

Building Team Unity and Performance.

Your workshop can run from 2 to 7 hours with a group of five or more participants who are ready to learn tools and tips that they can apply immediately.

Participants have more learning time.

Experiential exercises designed to showcase useful tools and concepts also improve retention.

Interactive sessions encourage group discussion, peer-to-peer learning, and opportunities for networking and personal development.

Workshop participants receive useful handouts.

Your team will benefit from extensive and relevant Q&A sessions.


Workshops are always customized for your group. Dr. Schoen is happy to follow workshops with a book signing. Ready to get started? Contact Dr. Schoen here to customize a workshop for your team.


Marc Schoen, Ph.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine

UCLA Geffen School of Medicine


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