Healing Hypnosis

The hypnotic suggestions compiled on this sound file were developed over the last twenty five years Over the years, I have utilized and tested out thousands of different hypnotic suggestions in to boost the healing response. After a number of years, specific suggestions were found to be more successful in enhancing the healing process. This hypnosis sound file is a synthesis of my most effective healing suggestions.


Research has determined that suggestions delivered in this manner can have a significant effect on the healing response, reduction of pain, and one’s well being. This hypnosis is filled with suggestions that are designed to enhance your body’s healing response, thereby allowing you to heal more quickly, while at the same time helping you overcome any feelings of discomfort.


This hypnosis program has been used by those dealing with cancer, heart disease, hypertension, colitis, chronic fatigue, stress management, and chronic pain conditions, such as arthritis and migraine headaches. Listeners have reported improved health, enhanced immune system, symptom cessation, and positive mood state.


The program is also very helpful when used following a surgery, where it can speed recovery and healing time.


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Marc Schoen, Ph.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine

UCLA Geffen School of Medicine


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