“I know so well how easy it is to fall into the trap of using food, addictions, or other forms of avoidance as protection from my fears of being uncomfortable. Reading  Dr. Schoen’s book, “Your Survival Instinct Is Killing You” was challenging. It felt so close to home—almost too close and personal in fact. Yet as I came to understand the message of this book, it became so much more obvious to me. This book is about the unavoidable - being uncomfortable. Dr. Schoen’s Pilates For The Brain Online Learning Center offers a gift: How to successfully manage your discomfort and fears, and equally as important, how to use the discomfort in your life as a vehicle for empowerment."

-Carnie Wilson

(Celebrity, Singer, TV host, and author of 'Gut Feelings, I'm Still Hungry and To Serve With Love')

Pilates for the Brain Learning Center Online


Do you constantly check your e-mail even when there is no indication you received one?

When you have an unexpected hour of free time, do you race to fill it, reach for your phone, or go online?

Do you find it difficult to turn your mind off at bedtime?

Do you drive or walk fast even when you are not in a rush?

If you send a text or email, do you become uneasy if you do not receive an immediate reply?


We are an always ’on’ culture.  Our survival instinct which was designed to be triggered in life-threatening situations has become hypersensitive, reacting to a myriad of perceived stresses–from deadlines to traffic jams to slow cashiers who make us late, to the fact that an unexpected email or text hasn’t arrived. The biochemical effect of this hair trigger instinct causes causes Poor Performance under Pressure, cravings, stress symptoms, irritability, fear and many other damaging physical symptoms.


We are a culture often struggling with our primitive instincts that at one time offered survival advantages.  Yet in today’s times, they are often at the heart of our inability to function well under pressure and deal effectively with the stressors in our lives.


See my Gladiator Toughening Tips for strategies you can do right now to improve your ability to function well under pressure

See my Performance Under Pressure Questionnaire if you are interested in seeing how well you compare to elite athletes who perform well under pressure.  Complete it and send it to me, and I will send you feedback.


COMING SOON: Pilates for the Brain Online


PILATES FOR THE BRAIN ONLINE is a coach-led, training tool that teaches you how to deliver new messages to your brain and body to accept everyday stressors as normal and non-threatening ways of life. Through this convenient and affordable series of video and sound files, as well as reading material, you will learn how to perform better under pressure under any circumstances and become more resilient. My GLADIATOR TOUGHENING TIPS are a free gift to you - as my thanks for taking the time to read more about my books and other PUP products. These are some of the very same GLADIATOR DISCOMFORT TRAINING (GDT) methods that I share with my UCLA medical students and elite athletes. The goal is to make you GLADIATOR TOUGH! You will learn how to shrink FEAR and turn your low tolerance for discomfort and pain into gain-- when you engage in this process for surviving what I call the COZY PARADOX.

Marc Schoen, Ph.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine

UCLA Geffen School of Medicine


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