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Dr. Marc Schoen is an innovator, and specialist in mind-body medicine, performance and decision making under pressure, and hypnosis. Having studied the science of resilience, hardiness, and fear for over two decades, he is considered one of the foremost leading experts in performance under pressure. He is a pioneer in the field of retraining the mind and the body to become hardy in response to pressure, stress, competition, and emotional and physical discomfort. Dr. Schoen’s years of exhaustive clinical experimentation and research have led him to discover that the region of the brain responsible for performance under pressure and managing discomfort can be powerfully rewired. Unlike traditional methods which indirectly attempt to influence this region of the brain, Dr. Schoen’s Discomfort Training and Pilates of the Brain work directly on this specific brain center – so the results can be expedient and enduring. By shrinking the fear response and confining it those conditions where it is genuinely needed, it becomes possible to feel a hardiness and resilience in an expansive variety of conditions and situations. His techniques have helped thousands of people whose performance, health, happiness and decision-making have been compromised by discomfort and fear.


When he delivers his vast knowledge in the field of retraining the brain keynote, your audience will reap the benefit of his years of research, experience, and strategic methods for bypassing the fear center of the brain and boosting performance and decision making under pressure, managing discomfort, while embracing uncertainty and change.  You will learn how to become a Discomfort Master and a Fear Gladiator.

“Discomfort training (which helps people conquer their fear and make better decisions) would unquestionably lead to substantial improvements in worker productivity, performance and health. Train your brain to lift decision making.”

 Investors Business Daily, March 20, 2013

Dr. Marc Schoen’s keynotes are designed for a range of audiences, including:

Sports teams decision makers and coaches

Military Veterans and Government Officials

Corporate Executives and Managers


Startup Business Owners


College University Leaders and Students

Sales Force

Law Firms

Financial Institutions and Brokerages

Real Estate Firms

Some of his most popular topics include:

Boosting Athletic Performance Under Pressure and Competition

Boosting Decision Making Under Pressure

Coaching to WIN BIG by Retraining the Brain

Transforming Fear (The Survival Instinct and Negativity Into Safety and Power)

Retraining the Mind and Body to Embrace Health vs. Illness

The Let Down Effect–How to Remain Healthy After Periods of Stress and Avoid Becoming Ill on Weekends, vacations and holidays

Improving Sleep by Retraining the Brain’s Sleep Center

Boosting Test Performance on Standardized Exams

Embracing Uncertainty and Change, and opening the door for Innovation.

Improving the Results of Your Sales Force

Marc Schoen, Ph.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine

UCLA Geffen School of Medicine


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