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While everyone is taught to study, very few people are taught the secrets to test performance. If you are like most people, you likely spend many hours studying and preparing for an exam. But studying and practice do not always translate into better test scores. While everyone is taught to study, very few people are taught the secrets to test performance. Learning to execute your skills and knowledge at test time with Test Performance Training can determine whether you underperform or excel on your next exam. So if you want to perform at your best, studying more may not be the answer. Instead, you need to train for performance.


Some individuals are naturally better test takers. With these individuals, the test situation brings out the best in them. There is a larger group of test takers (60%) who find that test conditions actually interfere or undermine their natural ability to excel on exams. For these test takers their performance is compromised by sabotaging Test Habits such as:


Poor concentration and distractibility

Nervous or test stress

Poor recall

Defeatist Thoughts and Weak Critical Thinking

Sleep disruption prior to the exam

This is why studying and practice do not guarantee results.


Test Taking Habits, are forged from our past test taking experiences. Further, test performance is strongly influenced by these old Test Habits. So if you have felt nervous, had poor concentration, or underperformed on previous standardized tests, then there is a strong chance you will experience this in the future.


To truly boost test performance, it is vital to replace these old and unproductive Test Taking Habits with habits that are instrumental in boosting test performance. The technology behind Test Performance Training makes it possible to target specific areas of the mind and body that are responsible for forging new Test Taking Habits. In this way, Test Performance Training alters test taking behavior at the core level.


The end result is that listeners of this program develop new conditioned Test Habits that are test facilitative as opposed to test obstructive. The new Test Habits positively influence:


Much improved concentration, focus, and recall

Critical thinking

Greater test stress resilience

Stronger resistance to self-defeating thoughts and feelings

Positive Attitude

Improved sleep

This program consists of two hypnosis tracks, one to be played prior to bedtime, and the other to be played prior to studying or test taking.


These hypnotic files are only to be played when you are still, with your eyes closed, and while sitting or lying down. They are never to be played when your complete attention is required by some other task, such as driving. It would be not only unsafe, but ineffective as well.


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Marc Schoen, Ph.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine

UCLA Geffen School of Medicine


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