Athletes, students, military veterans and corporate executives are among the many people benefiting from the game changing results they achieve from Dr. Marc Schoen’s breakthrough techniques for taming the brain’s fear response. Now, you can let fear work for you–not against you!

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Do you – or do members of your team crack under pressure?

Do you resemble the professional basketball player that can sink 20 consecutive free throws in practice– only to choke and miss during the game?

Do you go into an exam or meeting 100% prepared, yet you find yourself tripped up by a question you had not anticipated – only to realize later you actually knew the answer?

 Do you ever develop insomnia, headaches, upset stomach, or anxiety in anticipation of or during the “the big game”  – whether it’s a meeting, an exam, or an athletic competition?

Do you freeze-up during auditions or interviews, forget your lines as an actor or speaker–or stammer?


Sounds like a code name for a highly classified military experiment, but it stands for Performance Under Pressure.

Following years of clinical experimentation and scientific research, Dr. MARC SCHOEN, a specialist in Mind-Body Medicine has designed a bulletproof method for managing fear. When fear is driving the car-–optimum athletic and mental performance take a back seat.


 Become a Fear Gladiator and a

Discomfort Master


Stress symptoms and poor performance under pressure are due to fear. Traditional treatments rely on the logical brain to ‘lecture,’ and ‘reason’ with the fear center of the brain - which is responsible for stress symptoms and poor Performance Under Pressure (PUP). These methods are indirect and often slower.


Discomfort Training (DT) is laser focused and acts directly on the PUP region, so results can be swift, powerful and enduring.


Dr. Schoen’s revolutionary DISCOMFORT TRAINING - PILATES FOR THE BRAIN retrains the brain and shrinks the the fear response, dramatically improving the brain’s and body’s reaction to pressure, competition, and physical and emotional discomfort. You will experience better performance, make better decisions and your overall health and wellness will improve.

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